We Can Do Better: Building an NWT Common Front

In the fall of 2015, 41 individuals from 24 labour, Indigenous, social and environmental agencies met in Yellowknife to begin work on a common front or ways to take collective action on common causes and values. At that time, federal, territorial, and municipal elections were looming and many of us were working hard on progressive reforms both within and outside the electoral system. A report was produced entitled We Can Do Better: Building an NWT Common Front, September 2015.   

In the winter of 2016, key organizers – the Council of Canadians NWT Chapter, Alternatives North, and the Public Service Alliance Canada (PSAC) North – surveyed groups/individuals who attend the 2015 NWT Common Front. A preference was expressed to get back together in the spring to debrief the election outcomes and assess the need for a common front. Unfortunately, too few people were able to make time for that meeting.  

On October 1, 2016, the second meeting of the NWT Common Front allies was held. Compared to 2015, about half the number of people and organizations attended – 26 individuals from 13 organizations. However, five (5) new organizations were involved in or expressed interest in being informed of, and possibly being involved in the NWT Common Front movement. As such, at least 29 organizations and many more individuals seem to be interested in seeing this movement grow.

Read the full report HERE.