PSAC North Regional Council

Our structure

The PSAC North Regional Council is our highest decision-making body that brings together duly elected or appointed representatives from all three territories. The Regional Executive Vice-President (REVP North) chairs the Regional Council and is the political voice for the PSAC in the Yukon, NWT and Nunavut. PSAC North is also composed of (3) Resident Components, (3) Area Councils, one for each territory and (3) Territorial Directors.

Committees are also an important part of our structure. There are 8 committees in each territory:  Indigenous Peoples CommitteeAccess CommitteePride CommitteeWomen’s CommitteeRacially Visible CommitteeHealth & Safety CommitteeYoung Workers Committee and the Regional Alliance Facilitators Network.

The North Regional Council is composed of the chairs of each committee in the North. All positions on the North Regional Council are elected from among the membership. The Regional Executive Vice President is a full-time paid position. All other members of the council work in jobs represented by the union and serve the union as volunteers. In addition to chairing the North Regional Council, the REVP represents the North on the Alliance Executive Committee, the body that runs the union nationally.

The Regional Councils meets at least three times a year to strategize on issues that affect PSAC members in the North.

PSAC North’s Regional Council’s role, as defined in the PSAC North By-Laws, is to:

  • Manage the business of PSAC North between its Triennial Conventions; and
  • Establish regulations to guide the operations of PSAC North.

Read the Bylaws in this section of the website that govern Regional Council.

PSAC North Regional Committees help to guide our union and protect the interests of our members. Many of today’s leaders developed their skills, abilities and talents on a committee. They not only educated themselves but became an invaluable resource to local members, components and PSAC National.

If you are passionate about one (or more!) of the issues that our regional committees focus on, you will find a warm welcome awaits you. Activists are the heart of our union – of any union – and your involvement will help ensure that our union and the labour movement continue to thrive.

Contact your PSAC Regional Office and let them know that you want to get involved.

Mission, Vision and Values Statements 

PSAC North Regional Council Meeting Minutes 2023

PSAC North Regional Council Meeting Minutes 2022

PSAC North Regional Council Meeting Minutes 2021 

PSAC North Regional Council Meeting Minutes 2020

PSAC North Regional Council Meeting Minutes 2019

PSAC North Regional Council Meeting Minutes 2018

PSAC North Regional Council Summary Report 2019 

PSAC North Regional Council Summary Report 2018

Josée-Anne Spirito – Regional Executive Vice-President (REVP), North

Reyhan Sarikaya – Alternate REVP, North

* NHRC reps


Justin Lemphers
Yukon Employees Union President

Donna-Marie Haughton
YT Territorial Director

Winnie Hoe
YT Area Council

Gord Reed
YT Regional Indigenous Peoples’ Committee

*Sherry Masters
YT Regional Access Committee

*Roberta Wurtak
YT Regional Pride Committee

*Linda Moen
YT Regional Women’s Committee

Derek Yap
YT Racially Visible Committee

YT Regional Health and Safety Committee

YT Regional Young Workers Committee


Gayla Thunstrom
Union of Northern Workers President

Stephanie Crocker
NWT Territorial Director

NWT Area Council

Nora Doig
NWT Regional Indigenous Peoples’ Committee

NWT Regional Access Committee

NWT Regional Pride Committee

Kushalini Naidoo
NWT Regional Women’s Committee

*Horatio Sam–Aggrey
NWT Racially Visible Committee

Prerna Krishan
NWT Regional Health and Safety Committee

Kofi Yeboah
NT Regional Young Workers Committee


Jason Rochon
Nunavut Employees Union President

Geoff Ryan
NU Territorial Director

Lisa Kirk
NU Area Council

NU Regional Indigenous Peoples’ Committee

NU Regional Access Committee

NU Regional Pride Committee

Mary Kootoo
NU Regional Women’s Committee

NU Racially Visible Committee

Derek Allerton
NU Regional Health and Safety Committee

NU Regional Young Workers Committee

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