The key to a strong union is through building connections in the community and working together to create safer neighbourhoods, better employment opportunities, alleviate food insecurity and create workplaces free of discrimination.

Our campaign and partnerships page tracks our ongoing work to improve the lives of Northerners and offers opportunities for you to play a part to make your community a happier place to call home. Click on the links below to view and participate in our regional and national campaigns.

Featured campaigns:
Our North, Our Future
#LivingWageNorth: It’s time for a raise!
Canada Deserves a Fair Voting System
Healthy Apple Campaign
Childcare for All
Red Dress Campaign
COVID-19 member stories
Moose Hide Campaign
Thirsty For Justice

Canada Deserves a Fair Voting System

Our democracy deserves a fair voting system. Every vote must count. The current “winner-take-all” voting system contradicts the fundamental democratic rights…

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Burnt By Phoenix- Iqaluit

For almost two years PSAC members have been struggling with pay issues under the Phoenix pay system such as: no pay,…

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