Taking political action in our communities

We came, we marched together, we bellowed loud and clear, and we made a difference. 

The PSAC’s Political Action Symposium was a busy week for everyone, chock-full of new concepts and ideas about how to drive home the message of job cuts and the increasing toll the Conservative government is having on Canadian workers.

It was also a week that helped prepare our members by offering them the tools they’ll need to launch campaigns, begin petition drives and take on letter-writing campaigns to local poloticians.

Already leaders in their own communties, this new toolbox, and the motivation spurred on by the Political Action Symposium, should drive up activism in the North and send a clear message that our members are not to be trifled with. 

In case you missed any of the action, or want to see any of the presentations offered in more detail, this page will serve as a landing zone for everything related to our successful symposium that was held March 4 to 6. 

Graham Mitchell from the Broadbent Institute offered an enlightening presentation about the harm being doled out to public servants and the COnservative war machine arrayed against the progressive Left. 

He also helped guide our members through the essential steps and processes to launch a campaign that has someserious staying power. 

PSAC also offered an introduction to the benefits of using social media for digital advocacy. If you’d like to review any of the presentations offered at the symposium, click the links below.