Stephen Harper: The Musical

PSAC North is proud to support the NWT Council of Canadians in bringing this production to Yellowknife!

A perfect night out for Valentines Day!

Tickets are now on sale now at Northern Images. 

Price is $20 or by donation for low income residents.

 How to survive and thrive in the dying days of the empire of oil

Starring James Gordon

James Gordon’s fourth full-length musical play, “Stephen Harper: The Musical” examines our current

Canadian political climate and in particular Stephen Harper.

The production is a one-person show (well, two if you count the somewhat disturbing Harper Dummy!), with James using humour, political commentary, pathos, original songs, spoken word, hundreds of projected images, audience participation and an activist’s passion to show where we are and where we can go as a nation. The initial Ontario run for the play generated considerable enthusiasm among activist and political groups.

The timing is right for this innovative work. So many Canadians are feeling that their voice is not being heard under the “Harper Government”. What can we do about this? Audiences can find out and have a fun theatrical evening at the same time with this production.

Audiences will be familiar with James Gordon for his work as a singer-songwriter, with 40 albums to his credit over a thirty-year international career. His current CD, “Coyote’s Calling”, reached #2 in February on the Canadian national roots radio airplay charts, and the album includes some of the songs from “Stephen Harper: The Musical”. His previous plays “Hardscrabble Road” (about homeless and globalization issues), “Nastee Business” (about the bottled water scam) and “Tryst And Snout” (a hillbilly adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream) established him as a skilled playwright with an eye for using musical theatre as a vehicle for pointed social commentary.

As a resident songwriter for 12 years with two CBC radio shows, “Basic Black” and “Ontario Morning”, James honed his comedy skills. Twenty years with the Canadian folk trio Tamarack gave him a nation- wide outlet for his music about Canada’s heritage and identity. James has been very involved with community activist issues in Guelph, and in fact ran in the last provincial election as a provincial candidate (hint – not for the Conservative Party!)

YouTube links for songs from the production:

He’s Just a Puppet:

Idle No More:

We’re the Ninety-Nine:

Gotta Get Off the Oil:

This Was the Day That Canada  Died:

Jack’s Dream: