Remembrance Day 2020

From coast to coast to coast, we remember and honour those who sacrificed their today for our tomorrow.

Together, let’s honour the brave women and men who sacrificed their lives. Let’s be thankful and grateful. Remembrance means ensuring that veterans in our communities have access to services they need. Those who could not make it home and are not with us anymore would be at rest knowing that their sisters and brothers are receiving support, care and love.

I want us to take the spirit of Remembrance Day to our every day. Let’s give back to our communities and care for one another. Let’s take the collective action of never forgetting. Let’s all defend the rights and freedoms that our brave women and men fought for. Let’s be grateful to those who sacrificed for us to live in a country free from war where human and civil rights are to be protected.

Jack Bourassa, PSAC North Regional Executive Vice President