Ratification Vote: Local X3050 – ACDC

The Union of Northern Workers (UNW) and the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) will be conducting ratification meetings on a new tentative agreement with the ACDC.

Members ON-SITE between November 28 to December 2 will have the opportunity to attend in-person meetings and then vote on site.

On Site Information Meetings

Members not working on site have the opportunity to attend a virtual meeting and vote online.

Virtual Information Meetings

Day / DateTime (Mountain Time)
Mon Dec 58:00 AM
Tues Dec 64:00 PM
Wed Dec 78:00 PM

Am I Allowed to Vote?

  1. You must attend an information session to be able to vote.
  2. You can apply for your PSAC card online at this link – http://psacunion.ca/rand
  3. Signing up for your PSAC membership online takes less than 2 minutes.

How do I Register to Vote?

  1. ON-SITE MEETINGS – We recommend you register in advance
  2. VIRTUAL MEETINGS – You must register in advance to attend
  3. If we have your personal email, communications@psac-afpc.vote will email you with:
    • Your individual registration information
    • Instructions on how to vote
    • A copy of the tentative agreement you will be voting on


  • If we do not have your personal email, we need to hear from you. Please complete the online membership application (see the earlier link above) or call or email the PSAC office or contact your local UNW shop steward.
  • PSAC will not send any information to your work email.

4. When Can I Vote?

  • You can only vote following attendance at a short information session.
  • An optional Question & Answer session will follow each information session.

The electronic voting period will end on December 11th at 11:59 pm (Pacific Time)

5. How do I Vote?

ON-SITE MEETINGS, by paper ballot or electronic ballot VIRTUAL MEETINGS, by electronic ballot only

Questions / Concerns

  • PSAC Staff are available to assist
  • If you have questions about these virtual ratification votes, contact us at: