PSAC North stands up for federal workers

The North stood loud and proud to defend the rights of federal Statistics Canada workers in Ottawa this Valentine’s Day. 

At a special rally held in front of the Stats Can headquarters, PSAC Regional Executive Vice President Julie Docherty made a rousing speech in support of Statistical Survey Operations (SSO)* workers. 

For over two years workers have been without a new contract with SSO. SSO has refused to address any of the key issues that they’ve raised in negotiations. Instead, SSO has engaged in legal obstructionism to avoid solving real workplace problems.

In her role as head of PSAC’s National Representiation portfolio, Docherty took to the podium to decry the lack of labour equity. 

Other federal employers have agreed to fair systems for the assignment of work hours. Other federal workers do not have to pay out of pocket for office supplies and materials necessary to do their work. Their counterparts at Treasury Board are paid significantly more than we are for comparable work. SSO has refused to address any of these issues. These federal workers deserve much better. They deserve a fair contract.

Watch the full video of the rally and speech here.

*Statistical Survey Operations Interviewers and Senior Interviewers are engaged in the carrying out of survey activities primarily in Statistics Canada Regional Offices.