PSAC North Regional Days of Action

The next federal election will be held on October 19, 2015.

On the 19th of every month, we are asking our members to be creative in highlighting the number 19 such as: standing outside your workplace for 19 minutes, wearing a piece of clothing with the number 19 or coming up with the 19 best ways of getting rid of the Harper Conservative government.

Although the date of the election may change, it has become symbolic for all of our federal public sector bargaining units, who are currently engaged in negotiations.

Every month, on the 19th (or nearest work day), Locals are asked to take part in a showing of unity and support for their bargaining teams. These actions will continue throughout bargaining, right up until the 2015 federal election.

Our bargaining teams need our support. We must show our Employer’s that we bargain together. To show our solidarity and strength, I am asking all Locals to take part in a creative action at your workplaces that is visible.

Whether your Local organizes a lunch time plant-gate, wears buttons or bracelets, or makes signs; any creative visible action of solidarity is appreciated. Just take photos of your members participating and send them to your nearest PSAC Regional Office.

We will then send those photos and descriptions to PSAC National and compile them with actions Locals take across the country.

Remember, when we bargain together we are stronger.