PSAC/NEU rolls out the collective bargaining process with the Iqaluit Housing Authority

Iqaluit, August 15, 2022

Bargaining for a new collective agreement with the Iqaluit Housing Authority (IHA) is scheduled for August 16 to 19, 2022. PSAC/NEU bargaining team and management representatives are expected to roll out the collective bargaining process and to exchange proposals this week. The collective agreement between PSAC/NEU and IHA expired on June 30, 2020.

In this bargaining unit, there are more than 23 members in Iqaluit, responsible for a variety of housing maintenance and office work. They have continued to tirelessly work to provide maintenance and other services throughout the pandemic despite all challenges.

In preparation for bargaining, NEU representatives solicited members to provide their bargaining demands to identify the main priorities and issues for this round of negotiations. The Union expects that management will come to the bargaining table willing to recognize and appreciate the work of these employees and to address the main workplace issues they identified. As we slowly emerge from a global pandemic, PSAC/NEU members deserve a strong and fair contract that reflects the current conditions of the economy under inflation and the rising of the cost of living in Nunavut.

“It’s important to embark on the bargaining process with optimism. PSAC/NEU bargaining team will go above and beyond to ensure that a fair deal is reached,” says PSAC North Regional Executive Vice President Lorraine Rousseau.  “On behalf of our union, I want to extend my support and solidarity to the bargaining team and all members working for Iqaluit Housing Association.”

“Our members deserve a strong Collective Agreement that is respected and implemented well,” says NEU President Jason Rochon.  

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