Pink Shirt Day: Stand Up. Speak Up

Students, wearing pink t-shirts, gathered at the Great Hall of the Legislative Assembly in Yellowknife on February 27 to participate in National Anti-Bullying Day, known as Pink Shirt Day. In addition to Yellowknife, students from Behchoko and N’Dilo also participated in Pink Shirt Day events.

Jack Bourassa, Regional Executive Vice President for PSAC North and Hon. Caroline Cochrane, Minister of Education, Culture and Employment shared their insights with participants and guests. Students presented and shared their vision on how to eliminate bullying.

This year’s pink t-shirts, provided by PSAC North, have the message: “Northwest Territories. BULLY-FREE ZONE. Stand Up, Speak Up!” 

“Pink Shirt Day helps start conversations about the urgency of putting an end to bullying in our communities, schools, workplaces and everywhere,” said Jack Bourassa, Regional Executive Vice President for PSAC North. “Let’s take this message with us throughout the year. We do not tolerate bullying, we’ve chosen kindness.”


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