Our deaf and hard of hearing community needs us!

Did you know that face masks are a major barrier for communication for our deaf and hard of hearing community? Many use speechreading when out and about, doing errands and while working.

Facial expression is an important part of communication.

Our face masks are getting in the way! …. And yet we need them to keep us safe!

Here are some ways to make communicating easier for everyone:

  • Consider using a clear mask with anti-glare properties
  • If you can maintain at least a 2 metre distance, the speaker can remove their mask to enable speechreading
  • Use written communication – each person should have their own pen and paper
  • Reduce any background noise
  • Face shields can also be used. A 2 metre distance must be maintained while using a face shield
  • Keep your body and face turned towards the person you are communicating with
  • Slow down your speech
  • Smile!!

More information can be found at:

A message from the PSAC North Yukon Access Committee



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