Iqaluit protesters give Harper headache on Northern Tour

Nearly a dozen booming voices roared their frustrations with the Conservative government in Iqaluit Monday, protesting Harper’s Northern Tour outside the Frobisher Inn.

Many carried placards, lamenting Stephen Harper’s empty promises to help fight the growing food crisis in Nunavut and the dump fire raging in Iqaluit.

“We demonstrated out in the back of the Frob for a half hour, and no one wanted to leave,” said Mekai Popoff, the Public Service Alliance of Canada Regional Representative in Iqaluit who helped spearhead the event.

“It was the end-of-summer-chilly-weather but we were in good spirits and were hoarse at the end of the night. All in all, we ended the night happy to have given our voice.”

The protest garnered media coverage from CBC, since Stephen Harper was staying in Iqaluit for the day taking part in a Canadian Forces exercise.

Another protester and PSAC member who joined in on the event said she was happy to be able to express her freedom of expression and publicly show her anger with Harper’s lack of concern for critical Northern issues.

“Thanks for your support and thanks for a great demonstration last night against a government that is representing corporate greed and power and not the people,” she told the PSAC.

Harper’s NorthernTour wraps up with a trip to Pond Inlet before he returns to Ottawa.