Historic $40B First Nations child welfare agreement

PSAC North welcomes the historic agreement between the Assembly of First Nations (AFN), the Government of Canada and other parties. Agreements signed on December 31 aim to reach a global settlement to end discrimination in the First Nations Child and Family Services (FNCFS) program and Jordan’s Principle.  

At PSAC North, we recognize that no compensation is enough to address the trauma caused by the child welfare system, but this is an important recognition that will help shape the future and end discrimination. 

The total settlement package is valued at $40 billion. This includes a total of $20 billion that will be made available to compensate First Nations children and families impacted by the federal government’s discriminatory funding practices and $19.807 billion for fundamental reform to the FNCFS Program and Jordan’s Principle to ensure the discriminatory aspects of these programs and that such discrimination does not recur in the future. 

Details on eligibility and the application process are still being determined and will be shared once a final settlement agreement is reached. 

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