GNWT launches mandate-tracking website

On Nov. 4th, the GNWT launched a website that tracks the progress of various departments on priorities outlined in the GNWT’s 2016-2019 mandate. PSAC North commends the Government of the Northwest Territories for their effort to improve openness and transparency. 

Read below excerpt from the press release from the Department of the Executive:

YELLOWKNIFE (November 4, 2016) 

The website will allow residents to see up-to-date progress on each commitment under the five major themes of the Mandate.

The Mandate provides an agreed-upon foundation for GNWT decisions about how to prioritize and allocate resources among competing priorities and for directing government business. 

Quick Facts

  • The website is organized into the five major themes of the mandate:
    • Governance
    • Economy, Environment and Climate Change
    • Cost of Living
    • Education, Training and Youth Development
    • Community Wellness and Safety
  • Each major theme shows the progress of each mandate commitment and indicates whether the commitment is in the planning stage, in progress or fulfilled.
  • In total, the mandate of the Government of the Northwest Territories sets out approximately 200 distinct commitments.
  • The Mandate of the Government of the Northwest Territories was developed pursuant to the Process Convention on Priority Setting and adopted by the Legislative Assembly in March 2016.
  • This is the first time an Executive Council has proposed a mandate in response to Legislative Assembly priorities and the first document of its kind ever tabled and adopted in the NWT Legislative Assembly.