GNWT applauded for public budget consultations

Public consultations, mandate are important steps in open government

The Public Service Alliance of Canada North (PSAC North) commends the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) for their efforts to consult the public about the territory’s budget and fiscal strategy.

Public input is an important step in making government accessible to residents of the territory, and makes the government more accountable and transparent.

PSAC North encourages the GNWT to take further steps to consult the public about its fiscal strategy and increase its level of transparency.

This could include town hall meetings in communities across the Northwest Territories, as well as setting up a dedicated phone line for residents who may not have access to an internet connection to call and voice their opinions.

“I’m very pleased to see the GNWT take these progressive steps towards a more open democracy,” said Jack Bourassa, Regional Executive Vice President for PSAC North. “I’m sure this is simply the first step in a greater dialogue between our elected leaders and residents of the Northwest Territories.”

PSAC North also applauds the GNWT for releasing their mandate for the 18th Assembly, which outlines their strategy and objectives to achieve growth and develop new programs across the Northwest Territories, as well as outlining the challenges that must first be overcome.