Young Workers’ Committee – Info Meeting


Thursday November 16 2023 @ 6:30pm in the PSAC Boardroom,
201-4910 53 St, and online via Zoom (Link Below)

At this meeting we will go over what the committee does, how it functions, how to hold elections, and we will have a round table about what issues are pressing to the Young Workers of the NWT.

The main objectives of PSAC’s young workers’ committees are to educate young workers about the labour movement as a whole; to engage, mobilize and retain young workers and raise awareness about the critical issues that young workers face today. PSAC members under the age of 35 can take part in their regional young workers’ committee.

There are several pressing issues facing young workers in today’s workplaces, including childcare, parental leave, health and safety, and precarious work. For those in the public service, young workers are also contending with the government’s increased reliance on 90-day hires, contracting out, and other forms of temporary work, which continue to create unstable working conditions for young employees.

Young workers’ committees are networks for members to share and learn from each other. Within these networks, young workers can strategize, creatively address issues within the union and the workplaces that are important to younger members, support each other, and mobilize as a force that will move their issues forward.

For more info email Katherine Kellner, PSAC Regional Rep, at