Hay River PSAC/UNW Members – Learn about the role of unions

Friday, October 28 2022

9am - 4pm

Louise Falls Room - Ptarmigan Inn 10 J Gagnier Street Hay River, NT

Facilitator: Ian Brown & Paul Carolan

Please join the Public Service Alliance of Canada/Union of Northern Workers on
October 28th , 2022, between 9 am and 4 pm to learn about the role of unions in
representing the interests of all PSAC/UNW members. This is an in-person event
which will be held in Hay River at the Ptarmigan Inn at 10 J Gagnier Rd.
A series of short courses will be facilitated throughout the day to highlight some of
the history and myths about unions, some of the common issues faced in the
workplace, and an overview of the collective bargaining process.

Morning Sessions:

Course Title: “What can your union do for you?”
This is a brief introduction to the union and an overview of the PSAC. Some of the myths and falsehoods about unions will be addressed and debunked.

Course Title: “The fight for fair wages: A Continued Struggle!”

Participants will learn about the fight for fair wages and the importance of these as
the cost of living soars higher than ever before!

Course Title: “Equity in the Workplace”
The fight for equity in the workplace and what is being done to combat
discrimination and harassment will be highlighted and discussed.

Afternoon Session:

Course Title: “Collective Bargaining Explained”
During this session an overview of the collective bargaining process will be provided to
participants. Ways in which members can become involved in the bargaining process will
also be examined.

For any additional information or to register please contact:
Ian Brown – PSAC North Regional Education Officer

See attached poster