Day of Mourning: Remember and Take Action



April 28, Day of Mourning, is the day we remember all those who have been killed or injured because of their work. In addition to remembrance, this day is a time to take action to protect our co-workers, friends, family members and communities. While we mourn the dead, let’s pledge to protect the living and help the injured.

The current situation, COVID-19 pandemic, is changing the way we’re marking this day and organizing this and other events. But we’re resilient and together, we’re stronger. Let’s come together from inside our homes across the North. We created this virtual event to give you a platform to share your thoughts and messages of solidarity. Let’s also share our solidarity and thoughts with frontline workers who’re struggling to keep us safe and healthy during this pandemic.

The discussion board on this event page is a platform in which you leave your messages on this day. Later, we’ll create a banner with your messages. You’re also encouraged to share your photos holding placards with your messages! 
April 28 marks Day of Mourning, but this event will be running until May 1 (Friday).

Event page:

If you don’t use Facebook and would like to participate, please send your message to