City of Yellowknife Workers Deserve a Fair Deal

The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC)/Union of Northern Workers (UNW) will start conciliation with the City of Yellowknife on December 12- 14. The Federal Minister of Labour has appointed a Conciliation Officer on November 18. Collective bargaining started in May 2022 and has reached impasse after a total of seven days of negotiations. The Employer cut short the latest negotiation session by declaring impasse and refused to respond to the latest proposal floated across the bargaining table by the Union on November 2. PSAC/UNW bargaining team is committed to negotiations and bargaining to reach a fair deal.

“On behalf of PSAC North, I want to share our solidarity with members working for the City of Yellowknife,” says PSAC North REVP Lorraine Rousseau. “I appreciate the strength of this bargaining team who I was fortunate enough to work with. This team is committed to reach a fair deal that addresses the current economic circumstances.”