City of Iqaluit employees reach new collective bargaining agreement with PSAC

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The City of Iqaluit and the Union representing City employees, the Public Service Alliance of Canada, have reached a new 5-year Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The agreement was ratified on June 29, 2021 with an eighty-percent turnout from staff.

Some changes reflected in the agreement include a new domestic violence leave, increased language incentive pay based on proficiency in Inuktitut or French, expanded leave for traditional days and a signing bonus.

“City employees provide vital services to everyone in Iqaluit, working tirelessly despite all challenges during the pandemic.” says Lorraine Rousseau, PSAC North Regional Executive Vice President. “Working together ensures that equity and fairness is maintained. We’re pleased to have reached a new agreement.”

“I am pleased that have a reached a 5-year agreement that benefits the employees while continuing to focus on delivering high quality services for residents and businesses,” said Mayor Kenny Bell. “I would like to thank our City staff for their continued work and dedication.”

“The new agreement strives for fairness and equity for City employees. A stable and dedicated workforce is essential to achieving the goals and objectives of the City,” said Chief Administrative Officer Amy Elgersma. “We are fortunate to have great, caring staff who strive to make Iqaluit a great place to live everyday.”

The City thanks its employees for their work, service and commitment to the citizens of Iqaluit and the City of Iqaluit.