Boycotting National Public Service Week

National Public Service Week events thrown by employers are an insult members who have been getting a raw deal with cuts to services and their benefits.

That’s why the Public Service Alliance of Canada  North launched an “Alternative Public Service Week” event with a BBQ at our office in Yellowknife to tell members how they can stand up for their rights and join together with their coworkers.

PSAC is heading into what will most certainly be a difficult round of bargaining with Treasury Board. Tony Clement and the Conservative government have already indicated their intent to dismantle our sick leave and benefits, and they will stop at nothing to ensure their budget is balanced in 2015 on the backs of public sector workers.

We must send the government a message. It is important that we do not participate in these events – which claim to honour public sector workers – while they continue to slash jobs and attack our hard-won gains and our rights.