Bargaining Update (City of Yellowknife): Conciliation Meetings Scheduled

Conciliation Meetings Scheduled

The UNW/PSAC bargaining team is eager to get back to the table to reach a fair agreement with the City of Yellowknife. Since the City presented a final offer before negotiations were scheduled to end, the only way to return to the table is through Conciliation.

Conciliation is a process meant to help parties reach a tentative agreement. When a union and an employer have reached impasse on key issues, the Minister of Labour can appoint a Conciliation Officer who may meet with the parties to assist in the bargaining process and offer solutions to both sides.

Mr. Steve Samosinski has been assigned as the Conciliation Officer from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.

Conciliation meetings will take place April 15 and 16, 2020.

The bargaining team is hopeful and committed to make progress on all three priorities set by the membership: job security, work-life balance, and keeping up with the cost of living.


City Complaint Contradicts Promises

The City of Yellowknife has filed a complaint with the Canada Industrial Relations Board to try to avoid discussing our proposal related to job security and contracting-out.

Despite promising in emails to members that it was “not contemplating any workforce reduction anywhere within its operations”, the City has consistently refused to discuss our proposal aimed at improving job security. This complaint to the Board is further evidence of the rigid stance the employer has chosen to take on the issue, and contrary to the nonbinding promises they keep sending by email.

Conversely, our bargaining team has shown flexibility. Our revised proposal would allow the City to continue contracting-out work that was contracted-out in the past and to contract-out work at the Solid Waste Facility. In exchange, the City must simply guarantee – in the Collective Agreement – that it will not lead to lay-offs, reduced hours or loss of permanent jobs, and that there will be no further contracting-out during the life of the agreement.


That said, our bargaining team remains determined and hopeful to reach a fair deal through Conciliation. We thank all members for their continued support as we work to secure an agreement that addresses their priorities: job security, work-life balance, and keeping up with the cost of living.


In Solidarity,

Your UNW/PSAC Bargaining Team:

Holly Ferris

Reilly MacNeil

Geraldine Penny

Bob Taylor

Martin Rioux, PSAC Negotiator