A Meaningful Moment— A Great Day— A Better Tomorrow

A delegation of 50 members from across the North region (Yukon, NWT and Nunavut) attended the National and Regional Health and Safety Conferences in Montreal.

Following the National conference, PSAC North delegation stayed in Montreal for the Regional conference on December 2. Northerners gathered under the theme “A Meaningful Moment… A Great Day… A Better Tomorrow.” This inspired organizers and participants to recognize “health and safety” as occurring in the moments of a great workday and, collectively, everyone would keep improving on it. This conference was an opportunity for participants to share particular health and safety issues close to their hearts.

PSAC North Regional Executive Vice President Jack Bourassa opened the conference. The day commenced with an exercise that help connect like-minded health and safety activists in the North. Several topics were discussed throughout the day, such as:

  • Awareness on non-visible disabilities
  • How to advance health and safety issues and complains through the employer, committees, union and government?

PSAC Health and Safety representatives facilitated an informative interactive session on a variety of issues. Audrey Gilbeau, PSAC National Health and Safety Conference, shared valuable insights into a positive approach to health and safety in indigenous communities.

Our participants shared some photos capturing their meaningful moments during the conference!  


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