PSAC North Regional Council

Mission, Vision and Values Statements

Our Mission:

The PSAC North Regional Council advocates for fairness in workplaces and is the political voice for the PSAC in communities across Canada’s 3 Northern territories.

Our Vision:

The PSAC North Regional Council strives to be an effective, collaborative, and diverse group that unifies Northern territories to advance the interests of the labour movement and empower all members to be proud and engaged union activists.

Core Values- We are dedicated to:

  • A visionary, democratic and inclusive union
  • A vibrant labour movement of engaged members and advocates
  • A trusted, passionate, progressive voice for protection and expansion of quality public services
  • An informed council, aware and connected to the membership
  • Working in solidarity through effective campaigning, education and mobilization
  • Protecting human rights, and safe and healthy workplaces
  • Finding solutions towards social justice and economic issues across the Region