PSAC North Regional Conference for Racially Visible Members

We are pleased to announce the 2016 PSAC North Regional Conference for Racially Visible Members, which will be held October 15th and 16th, 2016 under the theme Race Forward: Our Union, Our Community, Our Future!”

This conference is a historical first for the PSAC North. Racially Visible members will have a chance to network, to learn, and to exchange information across the North.  It is an important opportunity to become a part of racially visible community of PSAC North.    

Registration deadline: Thursday, June 23, 2016 (5:00 PM PDT)

Conference dates: October 15-16, 2016

Planned conference location: Yukon Employees Union, Lucy Jackson Room, 2285 – 2nd Avenue, Whitehorse, Yukon

You may complete the registration form in the following ways:

– by scanning your form and emailing it to Shawna Dalley at

– on the PSAC North Regional website, by clicking here.

Please note: successfully submitting an on-line application does not guarantee your seat at the Conference. You will be notified under separate cover once delegates and observers are selected. You will be notified by Aug 26,2016 re: acceptance. Both travel and hotel arrangements are handled by PSAC North.

– by fax at (867) 633-5347.

– by regular mail at:
Attn: Joshua Paddon or Shawna Dalley

For PSAC North Racially Visible Regional Conference Organizing Committee

c/o PSAC Whitehorse Regional Office

2285-2nd Avenue

Whitehorse, Yukon

Y1A 1C9

Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted. If you are mailing your application, ensure that it is sent well in advance of the deadline.

If you have any questions with respect to the application form or the Conference, please call Josh or Shawna at (867) 667-2331 or toll-free at 1 (888) 938-2331.

We encourage you to personally inform PSAC racially visible members in your Region to ensure they are made aware of this conference. Bulletin boards may not always be accessible and additional outreach is very important. 

This registration package is available upon request in alternative format through the PSAC Whitehorse Regional Office by contacting us at (867) 667-2331 or toll-free in the North at 1 (888) 938-2331 (Please ask to speak to Shawna Dalley).

Conference Objectives

The objectives of the 2016 PSAC North Regional Conference for Racially Visible Members are to:

– discuss, strategize and mobilize on issues impacting racially visible members in their region;
– share experiences and network with other racially visible members in the region; 
– empower and inspire racially visible members to become active in their union, community, and workplaces.

Conference Workshops

The primary objective of the three workshops that will be held at the conference are to examine and discuss issues confronting PSAC equity members. The workshops will also develop the union’s agenda, including various strategies in regards to the issues being discussed. Participants will be encouraged to share with the group their particular experiences and knowledge.

Building Our Networks

This workshop will examine how to mobilize racially visible members to become better engaged and active within their union and among themselves to and create networks within the region.

Pushing Our Issues Forward

This workshop will provide strategies and tools to help racially visible members to organize themselves to bring about relevant changes and have their issues heard and dealt within in the union, community and workplaces.

Regional Workshop (TBD)

This workshop will address the reality of racialized workers in the North



PSAC members in good standing and who SELF-IDENTIFY as racially visible may apply to be a delegate to this Conference.  Priority will be given to members who are active on Racially Visible workers’ rights in their union or workplace. Priority will also be given to community activists on Racially Visible issues. The selection of delegates will take into account representation such as geography, Component, language, youth, gender, and other equity groups. Please note:

Racially Visible Person

Black; African-Canadian; Person of African-Descent, Caribbean





South-Asian/East Indian (including Indian from India; Bangladeshi; Pakistani; East Indian from Guyana, Trinidad, East Africa; etc.)

Southeast Asian (including Burmese; Cambodian; Laotian, Thai; Vietnamese; etc.)

Non-White West Asian, North African or Arab (including Egyptian; Libyan; Lebanese; Iranian; etc.)Non-White Latin American (including indigenous persons from Central and South America, etc.)

Persons of Mixed Origin (with one parent in one of the Racially Visible groups listed above)

Delegates will be entitled to full voice and vote during the conference.

Funding for Delegates

All Delegates will be reimbursed loss of salary for the days that they are normally scheduled to work during their travel and if necessary during the conference. If you are a shift worker you must provide a shift schedule if you were scheduled to work any of the travel or conference days.

Delegates that are within a distance to drive to the conference and return home in the evening:

– are entitled to claim a lunch per diem for Friday and reimbursed for transportation to the venue (e.g. kilometric rate or transit) and parking if applicable. Are entitled to claim a $50 per day allowance for the Saturday and Sunday the Conference is in session.

Delegates who must travel by air will be considered in travel status which means the following costs will be covered:

·        travel costs, including ground transportation;

·        hotel accommodation costs;

·        The PSAC per diem rate for meals and incidentals;

Delegates will be reimbursed for family care as per the PSAC Family Care Policy. You must provide receipts in order to be reimbursed.

Selection of Delegates

If you are selected as a delegate to this conference, you will be advised by email and/or telephone so please ensure that your application is complete.

Selection of Observers

If you are not selected as a delegate, you may be selected as an observer. Please note: All observers selected to this conference shall have self-identified as Racially Visible.

All observers, if selected, are responsible for their own travel, accommodation, loss of salary, and all other expenses.  You will be able to participate in conference workshops, receive conference memorabilia, and attend the social/meet and greet. 

Deadline to apply is 5:00 PM PDT on Thursday, June 23, 2016

For further information or assistance please call Shawna at the PSAC Whitehorse Regional Office at (867) 667-2331 or toll-free at 1 (888)938-2331, or email her at and put PSAC North RV Conference in your subject line. 

We look forward to the upcoming inaugural regional conference.  This conference is an opportunity for our members to continue the important work of maintaining and improving the activism of the Union in the struggle to improve the human rights and working conditions of all PSAC members.

Please consult the PSAC North website at periodically as information will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

Thank you for your interest and support.

In Solidarity,

Jack Bourassa                                                                                  Derek Yap

Public Service Alliance of Canada                                                    PSAC North Regional Council     

Regional Executive Vice-President, North                                        Chair, Yukon Racially Visible Committee


Please note that both the PSAC Harrassment and Scent Free Policies are in effect for the conference. 

Please see the following for clarification:


PSAC Statement on Scent-Free Environments

(Excerpt from the Policy adopted by NBoD January 2006)

The Public Service Alliance of Canada is committed to ensuring that all members with disabilities are able to effectively participate in order to contribute to the organization’s mandate.

In this regard, the Alliance recognizes that accessibility is an essential requirement for the participation of members with environmental disabilities.

In consideration for the health of our colleagues who may suffer from environmental disabilities, and with the goal of eliminating a contaminant from the air, the PSAC requests that all participants attending any union function refrain from using scented products.  These include scented perfumes, colognes, lotions, hairsprays, deodorants and other products promoted by the fragrance industry.

A participant who notices a problem is required to address the person in a cordial and respectful manner.  Any unresolved issues would then be brought to the attention of the organizers who will investigate and attempt to find suitable accommodation up to the point of undue hardship.

Our scent-free policy statement should be communicated in advance to all participants.

By working together we can create healthier environments for ALL, and accommodate the needs of persons who have environmental disabilities.