PSAC North Day of Action – Together for Healthy Workplaces

On March 19, federal workers from across the North joined together in their communities to send a strong message: we want healthier workplaces and better public service for all Canadians.

Public service unions from across the country joined together to send a powerful message.

In Yellowknife, members gathered in a show of solidarity to let the national bargaining team know they have support.

In Iqaluit, members took to the streets over lunch hour to hand out sick leave pamphlets and to explain the harmful repercussions the Conservative government’s sick leave changes will have on Canadian workers and their families.

In Whitehorse, workers took part in an information session and networking event at their workplace to lwarn more about how they can make a difference.

Together, we sent a clear message to the employer and to all Canadians that we support efforts to negotiate collective agreements that will take on toxic workplaces and not implement a “go to work sick” policy.

Healthy workplaces are more productive workplaces and as federal public service employees we want to provide quality public services to all Canadians.