Pink Shirt Day 2021

Bullying is a crisis that must be dealt with urgency

Students and workers from coast to coast to coast in Canada mark Pink Shirt Day to raise awareness on the urgency of putting an end to bullying in our communities, schools, workplaces and everywhere. Needless to say, this year, Pink Shirt Day is different.

In the past, PSAC North participated in and hosted public events on this day to raise awareness against all forms of bullying. Participating in the Pink Shirt Day helps start conversations of why we need to put an end to bullying in our communities, schools, workplaces and everywhere. It also provides a message of support to victims. 

Due to health restrictions, for the good of all, over the past year and currently, many events have turned virtual. Many workers and students turned to virtual platforms to perform their work or for education. Bullying and harassment continue to creep in workplaces, schools and communities whether in-person or virtually. There must be zero tolerance towards bullying, harassment and violence at work, school or everywhere in our communities.

Just like anywhere, our workplaces, schools and communities in the North are not immune from bullying and harassment. With the current situation due to the pandemic, harmed individuals and victims might feel more isolated.  It’s more important than ever for victims to know that they’re not alone.  

It’s our collective responsibility to combat bullying at work, school or anywhere. “A lot has to be done to ensure accountability. Bullying is a crisis that must be dealt with urgency,” says Jack Bourassa, PSAC North Regional Executive Vice President. “Our politicians need to take bullying more seriously and enact meaningful legislation.”

Let’s take the message throughout the year and pledge to combat all forms bullying and lift each other up.

PSAC North team wants to share the message of awareness and solidarity. There must be zero tolerance towards bullying in our schools, workplaces and communities. Today and every day, we stand against all forms of bullying. Let’s choose kindness and lift each other up.

About Pink Shirt Day: In 2007, two Nova Scotia students decided to take action after witnessing a younger student being bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. They bought pink t-shirts and encouraged their schoolmates to wear them in solidarity with the student who was bullied for simply wearing a pink t-shirt. Their action turned into a national anti-bullying campaign. Pink Shirt Day is now commemorated across Canada and internationally.