Northern homeowners should continue receiving housing subsidy

From the PSAC National Website.

PSAC is aware of the ongoing issue concerning the Shelter Cost Differential (SCD) for some homeowners in northern communities and we are actively working to resolve it.  

As part of changes to the revised Shelter Cost Differential methodology implemented August 1, homeowners in five northern communities would no longer receive a housing cost subsidy to offset the high cost of living in the North. 

However, it is our position that homeowners should continue to receive the subsidy because this financial support is crucial to members and plays a key role in recruiting and retaining federal public service workers in northern communities.  

Treasury Board is aware of the issue and has agreed to review and discuss the potential impacts to homeowners at the upcoming Isolated Post and Government Housing Committee meeting on October 31.  

PSAC has attended all four information sessions organized by the employer and heard the frustrations and concerns expressed by our members. 

We will continue to defend the interests of our members to address the concerns for homeowners. 

If you are a homeowner in the North impacted by the Shelter Cost Differential and you have further questions about the policy and its impact on homeowners or PSAC’s grievance process, please contact your PSAC component union directly.

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PSAC remains committed to securing the rights and benefits of our members, and we will keep you updated on any developments.