International Human Rights Day

December 10 is International Human Rights Day. There is no doubt that COVID 19 has brought many challenges, has placed obstacles in our paths; and changed our lives collectively. Approximately two years later, there is one reality that globally we face: we are all affected. International decision makers, national, regional and leaders, and citizens must endorse and work towards a just recovery.

A just recovery necessitates all segments of the population, whether globally, nationally or locally be included – no individual can be eft behind.

This year’s UN theme for International Human Rights Day relates to “Equality” and article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights— “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” This year’s celebration is under the banner: All human, all equal.

For more information on UN’s theme and to spread the word, the following link will lead you to United Nations, Human Rights:

Globally, there are many actions that we can collectively take to defend human rights. Work towards access to vaccines to be available to all nations, not just the wealthy ones. Access to health care, food and clean water is a human right, yet many across the world are suffering and find these are not attainable.

Your voice makes a difference— globally and nationally.  

Nationally and regionally, governments have a role to ensure that no one is left behind. It’s 2021, and many Indigenous communities in the North and across Canada continue to face food insecurity and water shortages. This is appalling. PSAC North will soon launch a campaign addressing food insecurity. Stay tuned.

Our team, at PSAC North, has identified some events nationally and locally that we encourage members and allies to attend. Let’s celebrate Human Rights Day by taking action and making a difference. We also encourage you to share photos with us (via Facebook tag @PSACNorth or Twitter @PSAC_North).

Amnesty International “Write for Rights” events:

Join Amnesty International for Write for Rights! On or around December 10th, International Human Rights Day, millions of people across the world use the power of letter-writing to protect individuals or communities whose human rights have been denied.

National Write for Rights virtual event:

***This event registration is for those who are not attending a letter writing event, but are writing on their own.***

Boreal Clinic Write for Rights in Whitehorse: December 10 (2:30- 6 PM PST). Register:

Yellowknife Write for Rights event: December 11 (10:00 AM- 2:00 PM MST)


“The Unforgotten” Screening and Panel Discussion, organized by NWT Human Rights Commission

Register (taking place over Zoom):

Webinar: Fighting racism and discrimination (organized by PSAC Capital Region) on December 15 Register: