Happy International Women’s Day! Women of the North, you are leaders!

On behalf of Public Service Alliance of Canada, your union in the North, I want to wish every person, who self-identify as a woman, a happy International Women’s Day. Today, we celebrate all the strong women in our lives, all the women who’ve inspired us and all the resilient women of the North. Women of the North, you are leaders!

All women, gender diverse people, and allies—let’s form a united front and ensure that our workplaces, schools, communities and virtual digital spaces are free from all forms of gender-based discrimination and sexism. Together, we’re stronger. 

To all the sisters from all over the world, gathered now at the United Nations in New York, thank you for ensuring that our voice is heard, internationally! 

This year, UN Women celebrates this special day under the theme “DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality.” In the North, this theme is very relevant. Women are in many cases the breadwinners in families.

In Canada, we know that there is a huge digital gap between the North and the South. Connectivity isn’t affordable. In remote northern communities, women tell us that they must choose whether buy groceries or not. To close the digital gap, connectivity must be affordable… and necessities such as food must be accessible to all.

Let’s work together to close the digital gap. In 2023, access to good reliable Internet connection is a necessity.

Lorraine Rousseau Regional Executive Vice President Public Service Alliance of Canada, North