Dominion Diamond, mine workers ratify tentative agreement

Unionized workers at Dominion Diamond Ekati Corporation voted in favour of ratifying the new tentative agreement with their employer.

The voting took place over the course of four weeks to ensure members on differing shifts as well as those on long-term leave had the opportunity to vote. 

The new four-year collective agreement will expire on May 31, 2019.

“It has been a long road to get us to this point, and I’m very pleased with the solidarity amongst our membership in rejecting concessions that were on the table,” says Jack Bourassa, PSAC North Regional Executive Vice President. “This agreement is a credit to the hard work and dedication of our Bargaining Team and all workers at Ekati.”

The tentative agreement has also been ratified by the Dominion Diamond Ekati Corporation board of directors.

“It has been a long process and we would like to thank the membership and the Bargaining Team for their patience and understanding,” says Gayla Thunstrom, Union of Northern Workers 1st Vice President. “While we didn’t get everything we wanted, we got the best deal that we could after hard negotiating for months with the employer.”