2022 PSAC Yukon Organize for Success Mobilization

On behalf of PSAC North, I want to thank all participants, staff and everyone who contributed to a very successful mobilization summit on September 12. Your resiliency, hard work and energy always inspire me. We’re pleased to see new faces who are passionate to learn more about mobilization and take back the knowledge to workplaces. We’re also grateful to reconnect, in-person, with union activists: you are the foundation of PSAC North.   

The 2022 PSAC Yukon Organize for Success Mobilization Summit provided an opportunity for us, as a union, and to members to discuss issues that matter at workplaces— we’re here in your corner, and we stand with you in advocating for and negotiating fair contracts. I’m inspired to know that members are already sharing the knowledge and energy with their colleagues— thank you all who sent us photos and shared feedback. I look forward to seeing you at future events.

I want to extent my thanks to all PSAC staff, regional and national for organizing this summit and ensuring that we all have a great experience. I’m grateful to Yukon Employees’ Union for their support, and to PSAC national facilitators and President Chris Aylward for joining us. We are humbled and honoured to have Elder Betsy Jackson open and close the summit with offering to the Creator and words of wisdom.

In Solidarity,

Lorraine Rousseau

Regional Executive Vice President

Public Service Alliance of Canada, North

Lorraine Rousseau and Elder Betsy Jackson
PSAC North REVP Lorraine Rousseau and Elder Betsy Jackson
Lorraine Rousseau
PSAC National President Chris Aylward
YEU President Steve Geick