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PSAC REVP for the North Julie Docherty took a strong stance to defend the rightrs of Canadian war veterans after the Conservative government made the ill-fated decision to close at least nine veterans’ affairs regional offices across the country.

PSAC has reached a tentative agreement with Treasury Board for more than 10,000 members of the TC group including approximately 75 in the North. Ratification meetings will be scheduled soon. Please watch our upcoming events page for the meeting in your area.

PSAC has worked to promote employment equity in the workplace. But what happens to employment equity during the workforce adjustment process? Here is what Treasury Board and the Public Service Commission has said and what the numbers show.

After three days of meetings, major issues remain unresolved.  According to Nunavut Employees Union (PSAC) president Doug Workman, the parties are not very close on a number of key issues.

A webinar for PSAC members.  Right-wing organizations are working hard to whip up public support for their claims that public service pension plans are too generous and not sustainable. Corporations are moving away from defined benefit plans as fast as they can.  The Conservative government is already planning on changing the rules to qualify for Old Age Security in the next federal budget. Find out what all this means for your retirement security.