Regional Executive Vice President

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Lorraine Rousseau is a dedicated labour and social justice activist who is committed to protecting quality public services that make our local communities stronger across the North. She lived and worked across the North for most of her adult life. Lorraine currently lives and learns in Taagı́sh Nataasahéen, the traditional territories of the Carcross/Tagish First Nation (also known as Carcross, Yukon).

Lorraine was elected at PSAC North 8th Triennial Regional Convention May 27- 30, 2021.

Over the past years, Lorraine has campaigned for and worked towards diversity and inclusion in the North and nationally, including her workplace, RCMP in Whitehorse, Yukon. She has devoted her efforts to creating positive space through being the National Representative for Diversity and Inclusion, Employment Equity, Mental Wellness, Peer to Peer and ASIST (suicide prevention). Lorraine coordinated and facilitated Diversity Week annually and strived for LGBTQ2S+ inclusion and helped in implementing and making available Transgender policy and guides within her workplace.

Lorraine served as the Vice President of the Executive of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada’s PSAC Local Y0102 and the Executive of Union of Safety and Justice Employees’ Local Y0018. She also was an active member of PSAC North Yukon Regional Women’s Committee. Representing the Women’s Committee at Yukon Area Council, she successfully motioned for and received funds for various women’s transition homes and programs that directly address issues facing women in crisis.

Lorraine is a tireless labour rights activist who spares no effort to ensure that the voices of workers and their communities are heard through political action and lobbying. For instance, she successfully lobbied Yukon MP Larry Bagnell to stand up in the Parliament to draw attention to the fiasco of Phoenix pay system.

Lorraine believes in climate action and a just recovery from the pandemic in which we all work together in decreasing emissions that are harmful to the environment. She is also a strong advocate for youth inclusion at the union and workplaces. 

“I am committed to the path we are on. We are all individuals in our collective, yet we are stronger together.” ~ Lorraine Rousseau.

Calendar of events
To build stronger communities and connect with members from all across the North, Lorraine is committed to making meaningful visits to towns, cities and hamlets all across the vast Northern expanse. Whether it’s to attend as a guest speaker, simply get to know the issues that are important to members, or to attend Regional Committees’ Annual General Meetings, Lorraine is eager to take part. If you’d like to have Lorraine visit your region, we’ve supplied a calendar of her schedule that will help inform members where the REVP will be throughout the year.

Alternate REVP North – Ivan Roderick Landry

Ivan Roderick Landry

Ivan Roderick Landry, born and raised in Fort Providence Northwest Territories (Deh Gah Got’ie), currently residing in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. He has vast experience in the union and has always been active in the labour movement. He is committed to keeping PSAC North strong and representing our members across the North.

Ivan was elected as Alternate REVP during PSAC North 8th Triennial Regional Convention.

Ivan is employed by Arctic Canadian Diamond Company (ACDC) as a Millwright and worked at Ekati Diamond Mine for 13 years. In 2016, he received 15 years service award from the PSAC. He was elected Vice-President of local 31 when it was created, and was successful in becoming its President. Ivan was executive member of local 3050 prior to becoming UNW RVP Kimberlite in 2013 to 2018, Currently Local 3050 President. Ivan represented members during conferences and as part of bargaining teams. He was a member bargaining team for Fort Providence Housing Association (local 31), and Dominion Diamond Corporation/BHP (Local 3050). Ivan served as Hamlet Councillor of Fort Providence, and Chairperson of Hamlet of Fort Providence Recreation Committee. 

“As a result of my own positive attitude and belief, I can ensure satisfactory leadership and unwavering conviction in dealing with the issues that are pertinent to our members and continued growth in our union” ~ Ivan.

Along with dedicated staff throughout Canada, the PSAC’s Alliance Executive Committee works tirelessly to improve the working conditions and quality of life of its more than 180,000 members.