Burnt By Phoenix - Iqaluit

Francophone Center
12:00 pm to 12:00 pm
On February 28, PSAC will be holding a National Day of Action and we are looking for your participation. 
Prior to February 28, 2018, we are asking that you organize an action in your workplace.  This could be a group picture with signs or statements of solidarity or any action in the workplace that could bring attention to this issue. 

Please contact our office to get materials developed for this Day of Action. (It’s OK to have fun with the action you choose) Please send your pictures to  Iqaluit-RO-Admin@psac-afpc.com

In Iqaluit, on February 28, we would like to invite all members to join us for lunch and refreshments at the Francophone Center.
When: February 28, 2018
Where: Francophone Center
Time: 12:00 (Noon)
Ryan will provide the latest update on Phoenix. 
A table will be set up to provide Phoenix First Aid and to assist members who had and continue to have issues with the pay system.
Detailed information on who to contact and how to request Priority Pay, Emergency Salary Advance, etc.… will be provided.
If you are able to attend please RSVP by calling 867.979.7430 or email: Iqaluit-RO-Admin@psac-afpc.com as we would like to order the appropriate amount of food.
We encourage you to talk with your coworkers and personally invite them to the event in support of members who have, and are still, experiencing pay issues.
Please see our poster for more details.