Take Action: Vote

September 13, 2021

“Please register to vote, make an informed decision, ask candidates questions” says Lorraine Rousseau, PSAC North REVP. During this time, there will be candidates knocking on your door or calling you. There are debates and townhalls. This is your opportunity to ask questions on issues that matter to you and your communities. Truth and Reconciliation is a priority for our communities in the North and across Canada.

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Labour Day 2021: Workers are recovery

September 6, 2021

This Labour Day, we celebrate the historic gains workers have achieved — often through job action and hard-fought victories. Together, we will recover from the pandemic by putting people first and making sure nobody is left behind. This year, amid a federal election and a fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of our labour has never been clearer. Workers got us through it, and workers will be the path to recovery.

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Putting Canadians first by addressing the climate emergency

September 1, 2021

We are facing an unprecedented climate emergency around the world, and time is running out to take action. This election is Canada’s opportunity to elect a government that will rise to the challenge by urgently reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, ensuring a just transition to jobs in renewable energy for workers and our communities, and addressing environmental racism. Pledge to vote for a candidate who will address the climate emergency by putting people first.

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